January Whole30

We are on day 6 of our January Whole30 challenge and Jeremy and I are both feeling really good. So what is it and why are we doing it?

Whole30 is exactly that. You eat whole foods for 30 days. It is an elimination diet so it shouldn’t be followed forever but it’s a wonderful way to reset your body.

We accomplished this in October 2019 and really loved how it made us feel afterwards. More than anything it reset our thinking around food. We generally eat very healthy but we like everyone else can start eating like sassholes. I was at my very healthiest when I got pregnant with Logan in December 2019 and its probably the reason we got pregnant in the first place after being on birth control 10 years. Eating like this also helps with hormone imbalances.

So what can you eat? Fruits, vegetables, meat, healthy fats, herbs and spices.

What do you go without? Added sugar real or artificial, alcohol in any form, grains, legumes, dairy, carrageenan, sulfates, MSG and treats/junk made with “approved” ingredients. You are also not supposed to step on a scale until after the 30 days because it’s about mindset, not losing weight.

So how do we do this successfully? Planning and doing it together. We removed all of the foods from our refrigerator and pantry that were not compliant. We can take anything from these spaces and eat it without fear. We also check the labels on everything which is much harder when you are picking up grocery orders not going into the stores. We also meal prep and have snacks at the ready. Our go-tos are fruits like apples, veggies such as baby carrots and hard boiled eggs.

So why Whole30 when it seems so drastic?

My body has done some amazing things in the last year or so. Like I mentioned, I got pregnant in December of 2019 and then quickly could not stomach anything with much nutritional value for at least 6 weeks. I dropped 13 lbs quickly and lost tons of muscle I’d been working on for years. When I could finally eat like I typically do I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

My diet didn’t have to do much changing but there was more I couldn’t have and I had to space my meals and snacks out to a specific schedule. By the end of my pregnancy I had gained a healthy 23 pounds.

Fast forward to birth and I no longer had gestational diabetes but breast feeding hunger is no joke. It starts to even out but in the begining I was constantly ravenous.

Now that I am 4 months postpartum my milk supply is established and I don’t need to worry so much about regulating it.

My whole goal behind this month is to treat my body with the respect it deserves after doing so much for me. I too often in the last year criticized it harshly because it seemed foreign to me but I still live in the same space. It’s still thriving and not only keeping me nourished but a tiny little someone as well.

Questions for you!

Have you done Whole30 before?
What’s your favorite thing to eat, healthy or not?

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