2021 Has Arrived

I’m sure you know like I do that there isn’t anything actually magical about January 1st but dream with me a bit here.

When a new year rolls in and there is a buzz in the world about a fresh start it’s hard not to get excited. While I’m not naive enough to think the world is any different today than it was yesterday I did choose a word of the year and set some big personal goals.

So how do I chose a word to live by for the year? Honestly I look at a list and am completely honest with myself as to which one makes me the most uncomfortable. This year my discomfort came from the word:


This year, I’ll be using discipline not as punishment but a form of self-love. It’s sacrificing instant gratification for better things to come. This ties directly into my goals.

1. Pay off my car before the scheduled timeline: I purchased a brand new car in May 2019. I’ve chunked away about 41% since then but I’d love to sacrifice some of my unnecessary spending to get it paid off so that I can go back to no car payments.

2. Make contributions to Logan’s college fund, 401k and savings: These are all things I do already but will be continueing into 2021.

3. Complete Whole 30 in January: Jeremy and I completed Whole30 in October 2019. I was in search of getting my hormones straightened out after being on birth control for 10 years (yikes). While getting pregnant was not the end goal I know that’s why my body got straightened out. This time we are resetting before we introduce baby led weaning to Logan.

4. Monetize this blog: This little corner of the internet is a little passion project of mine. I keep all of our memories here and would love to continue to do so with the opportunity to make a little bit of income to save away. (See #1&2) I’m working on being more consistent and providing content that seems to do well while continueing to stay true to myself. I plan to use my blog’s Facebook and Instagram more too.

Most of these are monetary goals I realize. While aiming high on these I plan to continue to be the best wife and mom possible. I want to read more and treat my body with respect as I’ve always strived to do.

What are some of your 2021 goals?

Did you choose a word of the year?

No matter what, I hope you have the best year ever!

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