Baby Brown’s First Christmas

It’s true what they say. Christmas is much more magical with kids, even if they are only nearly four months old. This year looked completely different from every Christmas before but it was amazing just the same.

Logan and I were up bright and early Christmas Eve morning. 5 am gave me the want for coffee and we indulged in big ones. Unfortunately they were uncharacteristically rude and then made my drink completely wrong. Sad but I didn’t say anything because I’m guessing they were not loving working Christmas Eve.

While Logan enjoyed his time on his play mat I baked off cookies for Santa and tidied up the kitchen. During his first nap the salt dough ornament for our house finally got painted.

I got a little bit of cleaning done but spent most of the day watching Christmas movies with Jeremy. Logan must have been going through a growth spurt because he was a little extra sleepy. We tackled The Grinch (2018), Christmas Chronicles, Rudolph and Frosty.

We enjoyed leftovers before ending the evening in front of the fire reading The Night Before Christmas and feeding Logan. We put out cookies for Santa and then it was up to bed for little man. Jeremy and I stayed up watching Christmas Chronicles 2 but I ended up falling asleep so Jeremy sent me up to bed. Even the pups turned in early so Santa Paws could come.

Christmas morning we got up about 6:30 am to find Santa had come! I fed Logan, we played a bit and then he went down for a nap. During his siesta I enjoyed coffee while straightening my hair. Once Jeremy was downstairs around 8 am Logan woke up and we set up to open gifts. Another fire in the fireplace and matching pajamas got us ready for the day!

We read all of our new Christmas books and afterwards ate some breakfast.

The day before I had prepped a egg casserole that turned out delicious.

Logan and the pups settled in for naps while I made cinnamon rolls dough for the apple dessert I was making.

When I was nearly finished Jeremy and I decided no Christmas dinner. We were going to just spend the entire day enjoying our first family Christmas.

In the afternoon Logan got to swim around in the big bath with his otteroo.

The rest of the weekend we spent moving almost all of the furniture around. I took down all of the Christmas decor Saturday morning and decided I wanted the TV in the same room as the fireplace and so it began… We don’t really even watch much TV.

The living room, sitting room and bedroom are all a different configuration now.

Saturday night Logan slept 11 hours. We decided that it was time with moving the bedroom around to start him in his own room last night. He did pretty good considering he has never really enjoyed sleeping in his crib. He’s also supposed to be hitting a sleep regression soon in which we won’t get any sleep anyway so I’m ripping off the band-aid.

He went down at 8:15pm, needed his pacifier at 11:30pm, a feed at 2:30am, pacifier again at 4:30am and then I snuggled him in his glider from 6-7am. Jeremy and I both missed him being in the room with us but we know he’s reached the weight limit on the basinet in the configuration it’s in and he will sleep better eventually on his own.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas no matter what it looked like this year. We are hopeful for a year that gets to feel a little more normal but this year was still one of our best ever with Logan. We are planning to tackle another round of Whole 30 in January since I ended the last one because of pregnancy but we are mostly just focused on each other and loving Logan.

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