Festive Weekend Fun

This weekend was packed with all things holiday prep and it made my heart happy to do all the firsts with Jeremy and Logan as a family of three. It still feels nothing like Christmas with the weather being almost 60 degrees today but we are trying!

Let’s start with Friday since it was the last full week of work for the year (which is still crazy).

I woke up around my usual time of 6:30 am after one middle of the night feed. Logan has been letting me sleep somewhere between 5 and 6 hours and then we are up once for a change and quick feed. I’m trying not to get too used to it because apparently there is a 4 month sleep regression on the horizon.

Between feeding the dogs, feeding him and getting my Five Things Friday finalized I didn’t have time for breakfast. We were also out of most of our food so I was feeling discouraged when the last three slices of bread were moldy. Jeremy came to my rescue and made me a delicious omlet just before my morning meeting.

I spent the majority of the day finalizing Christmas cards for work. I get to spread holiday cheer among our members each year by hand writing personalized notes and addressing each envelope. This year was a tad more difficult but totally worth it when it was finished. We dropped just shy of 200 cards off at the mailbox and Jeremy ran into the store to grab steaks. Who doesn’t love a giant hunk of meat for dinner once in a while?

We watched the last episode of the Mandolorian for the season (all the sad faces) and got Logan to sleep after what seemed like full blown conversations and tons of facial expressions. His personality shows more each day and it’s the highlight of ours.

Saturday morning Logan and I slept a little later and then spent a good hour on the couch cuddling, nursing and drinking coffee. We worked on him grabbing at toys and then he needed a change. Around 9am I made myself breakfast while he played on his mat. It’s so fun to watch him figure out how to grab his toys handing above him now.

Jeremy came downstairs around 9:30am to cuddle up on the couch with Logan. I took this time to paint the salt dough ornaments for grandmas and great-grandmas and wrap their gifts. We put our 8 favorite family pictures in a frame for them.

After that I nursed Logan again and then got outside in the oddly gorgeous weather we were having with the pups for my Saturday movement. I used to walk them every single day so now I choose to get them out if I have the option.

At 1pm we went to pick up groceries. Thank goodness because the house was empty. We grabbed coffee and gas while we were at it. When we got back home I nursed Logan while Jeremy put away groceries. Then it was time to deliver gifts!

We stopped to see my mom first. She was at work so we let her know we were stopping by ahead of time and called when we got there. She got lots of smiles from Logan and even some little conversation.

Next up was Jeremy’s mom and grandma. They were outside decorating in the nice weather so they got to come up to the car window to visit Logan.

Last but not least was my grandma. Unfortunately every time we see her Logan is enjoying a nap. I’m hopeful all of these grandmas get time with him in the new year.

For dinner I made Zuppa and focaccia. We ate while we enjoyed Guinness and watched Hercules.

After dinner was a bath, book and nursing session. Logan was asleep by 8:45pm and let me sleep for right about 8 hours before waking me up to eat. He had stirred a couple of times but wasn’t actually awake. He went back down at 5:15am and we continued to sleep until 7am.

I got up and fed him and while he played on his mat I made myself french toast with Dave’s Killer Bread, an egg and maple syrup.

After breakfast it was time for all the Christmas fun. Jeremy asked me what was on my list and I read him the following:

We started by putting Logan’s footprint on the tree skirt. I’ll be adding his name and the year later this week.

Next up, turning on Elf and assembling gingerbread houses.

Part way through I warned myself up some soup to enjoy.

Our little houses turned out great. We each assembled and decorated two mini houses.

Once we were finished we turned on the Grinch and Santa made his appearance!

Logan got his requests in and then Santa went back to the North Pole to check his list before Thursday night!

The weather was still nice so we opted for a family walk. When we got home Jeremy prepped dinner while Logan and I snuggled and played his little piano. We had change your life chicken while we watched Home Alone.

Logan and I turned in early with me reading him 12 Bells for Santa while he ate. He was in bed by 8pm. The poor little guy has been a little fussy and it seems he’s hit his big leap that will last more than 30 days. I’m here for all the cuddles though!

He managed to only wake me up around 2:30 am but I didn’t get back to sleep until 3:30 am with fits of bad dream sleep. I brought Logan downstairs at 6:30 am and he decided on cuddles. I’ll be here doing that until work starts!

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