Five Things Friday – 14

This week hasn’t been the most eventful but the next couple should be fun with the holidays upon us. How is that even possible? We’ve fit so much into this year but it still seems odd to say Christmas is a week away.

1. Logan was the best coworker this week

I’ll be the first to admit some days it’s super hard to balance it all. This week was one of those nonstop weeks. While Logan didn’t want to nap much in his bed we found a set up that worked that allowed me to still answer phones and emails and still see that his cuddle quota was met.

2. I enjoyed a peppermint mocha for the second time this season

My all time favorite drink ever is a peppermint mocha. While most years this is at least a weekly occurance during this season I’ve had to ditch them this year because of the peppermint. While I’m not sure how much is actually in this sugary drink, peppermint is not good for milk supply and I’m not risking it. I may enjoy one more this year but the Chestnut Praline Latte is a solid second choice.

3. We got our family photos back

And while they are precious there are also a few gems in there. Logan decided of all days to not nap but for maybe 10 minutes and was fighting a nap during our session. There are a few of him that are just classic meltdown photos that make me laugh and then we got some like this that I’m not mad about.

4. Our family Christmas cards got here!

And they are stupid cute! I can’t share though because the majority of the people that read this blog will be getting one in the next few days and I’m not ruining it! I ordered them from Shutterfly though and I couldn’t be happier with them.

5. I’ve hit my movement goal for the week –

You might think this one isn’t a big deal but it is to me. Movement is critical for my mental health. I spoke with Jeremy last weekend about needing more support to get it done and he’s not only taken over a few dinners while watching Logan but also practically pushed me down the stairs to get it in. My goals are movement 5 days a week and with our schedules looks like every day but Monday and Friday with 5pm being the start time during the week. This looks much different from before Logan was born when I’d get my workouts in at 5am.

I am looking forward to this weekend for fun holiday things like delivering gifts, pictures with Santa (you are going to love this one) & gingerbread houses while we watch Christmas movies. The next two weeks are short ones and will be prime baby snuggling opportunities.

Now I have to go figure out what we will be enjoying for dinner while we watch the final Mandalorian episode for the year. How sad!

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