Non Eventful December Weekend

It’s been a long weekend. Not too crazy because as you know we are staying home to be safe. Just one where I struggled for no reason, baked some bread and took just about no pictures. Let’s get to the recap.

Friday nights have turned into a favorite for me. It’s the start of a weekend in which I get to spend all my time with Jeremy and Logan. We kick off weekends with The Mandolorian and this one, homemade pizza and Guinness.

I use my focaccia bread recipe for pizza dough and if you’ve been wondering how I make either I recorded it and will be sharing it here soon.

I used bacon, pepperoni, green peppers, yellow onions, jalapenos, mozzarella (dairy free for me) and topped them with Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes.

I was ready for bed afterwards because Logan has not been sleeping too well. He will sleep a 4 hour stretch no issue and then the real fun begins with him waking up every 1 to 2 hours, if I’m lucky.

We also hit the 15lb mark with Logan this week which meant his bassinet had to be lowered. This is the one we have. I’m not the shortest human in the world at 5’5″ but to get him in and out of this thing was ridiculous. It is recommended that babies sleep in your room with you until 6 months but it also felt silly to have him basically sleeping on the floor when he has a perfectly good crib in his room right next to ours. We are still figuring out what we want to do and will probably hold off any moves until his 4 month appointment on the 30th.

At 6 am Saturday morning I went downstairs with Logan for his first feed. He went back to sleep afterwards so I took that opportunity to write him another letter. I’ve been writing to him since we found out I was pregnant and it’s a bit harder to keep up. I’m hoping it’s something he will be able to look at later in life and smile.

He was up by 8 am again and I had him play on his mat while I had a banana and a piece of Dave’s killer bread with natural peanut butter.

I placed a Target pickup order for a couple of things and Jeremy wanted to finally go get our mats for the basement gym. I’ve been working out in my office since we’ve lived here but we were ready for a separate space for it.

At 10:30 am we headed out with a napping baby and a plan. We got to where the mats were and there was a packed parking lot. No way
No thanks. With ordering groceries and everything else online we’ve not gone into anywhere and I’m still working from home. The risk to Logan is too high to me and while I seem like a crazy person I’m not risking it. Next stop, Target drive up.

It took a little bit of waiting but we got our things and headed home to leftover pizza and feeding Logan. I started a Christmas movie in Hulu that I wasn’t loving and apparently Logan felt the same because he chose that moment to fill his diaper.

While up in his room I cleaned out his dresser and closet. We are in 3-6 month clothing now and the clutter of too small clothing doesn’t do it for me.  He babbled, cooed and screached at me while I organized. Once he was down for a nap I moved my workout equipment to the basement along with his clothing we didn’t need upstairs anymore.

After another nursing session at 2:30 pm Jeremy took over so I could workout but Quinn got excited when I grabbed socks so the dogs and I headed out on a long walk instead. When I got home there was a fire in the fireplace, coffee and Jeremy had started dinner. I trimmed dog nails and then took a much needed long shower before dinner. We got Logan down with little trouble so I fell asleep just after 8pm.

Logan woke me up a little less Saturday into Sunday and I ended up persuading him to stay in bed until 8am. I needed it. I deemed it a lazy Sunday morning and then went down to make coffee for Jeremy and I. We stayed in bed singing to Logan and enjoying each other’s company until Logan’s first nap a little after 10:15am.

The day flew by and I accomplished absolutely nothing but keeping Logan fed and entertained. By 5 pm he had slept less than 2 hours and I wanted 30 minutes to myself. I hadn’t even brushed my teeth until 4:30pm…

Jeremy took over and I went to the basement to workout. I pushed myself to exhaustion because I needed it so badly. Afterwards I took a shower and made myself a salad.

When it was time to give Logan a bath I set him down in his room and went to run the water. Jeremy took that moment to scoop him up and take him into his office… He’s such a brat. I only had a moment of panic before I called out to him but it was still upsetting to me.

We enjoyed his bath, a book and then I laid him down awake for the second night in a row. He was not having it. By 8:45pm he was finally sleeping and let me get 6 hors before waking me up.

Now we are off to get some work done and share our sugar cookie recipe Wednesday. Stay tuned!

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